The Plum Trees

The plum trees that stood either side of the yard were the first thing that caught my parents eye when they first visited the house that is now their home at Jerpoint Glass. It was mid–autumn and there were 2 plum trees glowing purple, with fruit melting ripe on the branches.

The ground beneath was laden with a carpet of plums and the scent of homemade jam teased the air. They fell in love with the place, hypnotised with the sweet scent and purple haze.

The two plum trees grew side by side and blossomed together for many years, as the old farmyard transformed into a bustling glassblowing studio. 

One Lost to a Storm

Then one year the tree nearest to the house was blown down in a winter storm. The following autumn was the only year that the remaining tree bore no fruit; it produced not one plum that year.

Thankfully it did recover from its broken heart and went on to produce fruit once again. This year in particular was a bountiful year for the old plum tree.

This Year's Crop

This year the crop was transformed in to 'Spicy Plum Relish' by local artizan food producers, Joan and Bobby Cahill of Joan & Bob's Juicy Jams. Delicious with steak, chicken and with cheese on toast!

Another gorgeous recipe is for poached plums in a sugar and vanilla syrup. Make the sugar syrup with one part sugar to two parts water add a vanilla pod and poach the plums until tender....delicious! Great on its own or with granola or chopped nuts.

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