What a Year...

An Heir, an Anniversary and a Big Birthday Bash

We are looking back over the year as our online store, selling Irish handmade glass, has recently turned one year old. We’ve had over 20,000 visitors, 134,000 page views and written over 27,000 words in blogs, news updates, product descriptions and web content!

We launched our new forest range, sent over 1000 tweets and shipped our glassware from Ireland to Brazil, New Zealand, Canada and Hong Kong.

Looking back over the past year, a lot has happened for the Family too!

An Heir

We welcomed a new baby to the Family! The first 'Leadbetter' of the generation; a  gorgeous baby boy called Ruan Douglas Leadbetter born to glass blower Rory Leadbetter and his wife Cheryl. There is nothing like the joy that a brand new baby brings to the family! We’re all so delighted to welcome him and he is the happiest, sweetest little thing! 

An Anniversary

This year we celebrate the thirty-fifth anniversary of Jerpoint Glass Studio. Established in 1979 by Keith & Kathleen Leadbetter (Mum and Dad) with the simple goal to hand-make a collection of Irish glassware for everyday use. Thirty-five years later we still hold those values dear.

A Big Birthday Bash

In September, 2013 the whole family voyaged to Staffordshire in the north of England to celebrate the 100th birthday of our granddad, Douglas Leadbetter. We all felt proud as punch to celebrate this milestone birthday with Granddad and despite his advanced years he was as sharp as ever, cracking jokes and stirring up trouble! One hundred is a such an achievement and we’re so grateful to have had his company for so many years but sadly we said our last goodbyes to Granddad in April this year.

Dad also celebrated a big birthday when he turned 70 this year. Looking back at the last 35 years, from the tiny shed at our family home where it all began, today Jerpoint is used all over the globe.

Now the next generation is embracing the old handmade glass blowing traditions but injecting modern methods too! We wonder what the next 35 years will bring.