I hope you enjoy these fun facts about glass blowing:

Glass is made from sand! Fifty per cent of our glass is fine white silica sand plus 12 other ingredients including lime, potash and borax.

One wine glass takes 2 craftsmen, 8 minutes to create in a 24 hour process from creation to completion.

At Jerpoint the furnace runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! If we let it cool we’d have a giant block of solid glass.

Rhyolite volcanic lava is 900 degrees Celsius; the glass in our furnace at Jerpoint is 1200 degrees Celsius!

 Murano Island is known as the birthplace of modern glassblowing around the 13th Century, their methods were so secret and they didn’t allow the craftsmen to leave the island. Death was the penalty for doing so.

We use 40,000 litres of LPG Gas per year. Supplied by Flogas…it takes a lot of fuel to keep a furnace going 24/7!

Colour that is added to the glass is made from an oxidant, like cobalt for blue, magnesium for green and even gold to make red!


And a Few Silly Facts!

At Jerpoint we makes roughly 26 metres of glass a day.

It would take 12.5 days to make enough tall wine glasses, that if stood one on top of another, that it would be the same height as Dublin Spire.

136 days making glass produces 1038 metres in height of glass – the same height as Carrantouhil

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