Our Scallop Nut Bowls make great serving dishes for parties. This frilly edged nut bowl is perfect for appetisers at drinks parties.

Treat your friends to a selection of delicious nibbles, dips, olives, mixed nuts and crudité before sitting down to a meal together. One of our favourites is hummus served with flat breads, celery, peppers and other crunchy vegetables. 

Hummus is one of Roisin’s specialities and so easy to prepare. This is her recipe: 1 can of drained chickpeas, 2 large table spoons of tahini paste, lemon juice, olive oil plus salt, pepper and garlic to taste. Just combine the ingredients in a blender. A glug of oil on top and its party ready!

Another family favourite is Fionnuala's dip. Fionnuala and Mum have been friends since they were teenagers. This is her slightly unusual but completely delicious dip: packet of onion sauce, block of Philadelphia cheese and a little milk. Mash the pack sauce and phily together then add milk to get the right consistency.

After dinner use the Large Scallop Bowl for fruit salad or trifle with a side of whipped cream served up in the scallop nut bowl, they make quite a duo! Or place it at the centre of a cheese board with spicy relish!

If you walk into our family kitchen in Jerpoint on any given day, you’ll always find a couple of scallop bowls on the dresser with little nibbles, Bombay mix or dried fruit and nuts. A little tasty treat as we pass through, they’re irresistible!