It’s not just a milk jug, it’s so much more!

At home the teapot is in constant use! We love to set out the tea tray with the milk jug and sugar bowl, teapot and cups. The ritual itself improves the taste of the tea!

Beyond the many cups of tea, there are lots of ways to use your small jugs. Here are a few of our favourite things to do with a small jug and some of our recipes.

 Use 3 parts oil to 1part vinegar, however, these recipes need tweaking depending on your taste. The best way to taste dressing is on a lettuce leaf; dip one into your dressing to discover your perfect blend of ingredients. I always use an old jam jar to shake the flavour together and then decant it into a favourite jug for serving.

Classic Dressing

Good quality olive oil


Salt & Pepper

A squeeze of lemon juice & zest

Grated garlic or garlic salt

Half teaspoon of honey


Yogurt Dressing

Plain yogurt

Olive oil

Grated garlic clove

Finely chopped chili

Finely chopped cucumber

Salt & Pepper


Berry Coulis

Frozen berries



Squeeze of lemon

Blended to a thick juice


Apple Dressing

Olive Oil

Apple cider vinegar

Wholegrain mustard

Salt & Pepper

Quarter apple finely grated

Pinch of sugar if necessary

You can add grated ginger, fresh chopped herbs like basil, chervil or coriander and create your own signature dressing! Berry coulis, pouring cream, orange juice and even a bunch of flowers like this sweet bouquet from Makers & Brothers are all great ways to use a little jug. 

Let us know on our Facebook page what are your favourite salad dressings and post pictures of how you put your small jug to use in your home.

Jug and posey image courtesy of Makers & Brothers