We are very excited to be hosting a series of free ‘drop-in’ Medieval Glassblowing Demonstrations to celebrate Ireland’s Medieval Week on Friday 17th April (10am– 1pm) and Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd April (10am to 3.30pm) at our Stoneyford based glassblowing studio and gallery. 

To celebrate the ancient art of glassblowing and Medieval Week, we are welcoming the public to view the demonstrations throughout the week and pick up a free medieval glassblowing information pack, entitled ‘Medieval Glassblowing – How much has changed in 1500 years?’

Modern’ glassblowing methods are credited to the glassworks of Murano in Italy established throughout the middle-ages. The first traces of glassblowing kilns in Ireland dates to the 1300s. At the family-run, Jerpoint Glass Studio their range of glass is still made by hand using the same simple hand-tools and methods that have hardly changed since medieval times. Throughout Medieval Week, we will demonstrate just how little has changed over the years.

Craftsmanship was hugely significant in Ireland in the middle-aged before mass-production was introduced during the industrial revolution. Our glassblowing demonstrations illustrate the importance of beautifully crafted and practical everyday objects that have both aesthetic and cultural value. Of course visitors are always welcome at Jerpoint Glass to come and view craftsmen at work. However during this special week of medieval celebrations these demonstrations give visitors the chance to learn more about the art of glassblowing over the centuries.

On Friday 24th as part of the Medieval Week, we will run  a number of ‘Blow a Glass Bubble’ workshops facilitated by Rory Leadbetter giving you the opportunity to experience glassblowing for yourself! Rory will guide participants through the ancient art of glassblowing; taking a gather from the furnace, controlling the blowing iron and blowing a glass bubble. Each session will take about10 minutes and is free of charge although spaces must be booked in advance by calling Jerpoint on 056 7724350.

The workshop is suitable for both adults and children from the age of eight. Last year the record for the biggest bubble was set by Richie of Kyteler's Inn, the world famous heritage bar and restaurant in Kilkenny City, He blew a 34cm bubble - Can you break his record?

To find out more information about the ‘Blow a Glass Bubble’ workshop and the free ‘drop-in’ Medieval Glass Blowing Demonstrations scann 056 77243450. Glassblowing demonstrations take place from 10am to 3.30pm Monday to Thursday and 10am to 1.30pm on Fridays.