This year we launched a new colour, Cornflower Blue!  

‘Cornflower’ is a new combination of blue shades made from 'aqua' and 'himmel' (German for sky or heaven). The heavenly blue hue is available across the Jerpoint table-top and giftware range including bowls, jugs, glasses and vases.

Over the years we have had a number of incarnations of blue that have always been very popular and an enduring favourite for the table-tops! 

As trends and people’s tastes move on, so do the tones, shades and textures of colours that we offer here at Jerpoint Glass. We love this new blue shade - it's light and fresh - a really cool blue! 

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Our first blue was a dark shade of 'Cobalt' blue it was a classic but we needed to lighten up so added 'Sky' a combination of blue, turquoise and white. Both colours were perfect in for their time but now it's time for a fresh approach to blue! 

This time when we set out to develop a new colour, we produce several samples of different mixes and combinations of the colour. For this particular blue, we used aqua, white, slate, azure and indigo – all in different combinations and concentrations, until we arrived at the cool blue shade that now appears throughout the curvaceous vases, dishes and jugs of this glassware collection.

We’ve been researching blue shades for quite a time and now we are happy that we have found a gorgeous fresh combination of blues for our new 'Cornflower' collection.

We know that blue is still one of the most popular table setting and dinnerware colours so we tried to design a colour that our customers could easily mix and match to coordinate with their tableware and crockery.

Let us know how you like our new Cornflower blue colour - Head over to our Facebook page and leave a comment!


 Take a look at our ‘Special Offers’ page for an introductory offer on a selection of the new 'Cornflower' collection with 15% discount for a limited time.