A Year to Mark a Centenary

2016 is an important year for Ireland, making the Centenary of The Easter Rising, a defining moment in the pursuit of Irish independence. The occasion will be celebrated throughout Ireland with events across the year to commemorate the 1916 Rising and to remember those who gave their lives for this ideal.

Centenary Collection

To pay tribute to Ireland’s Centenary, we have created a number of commemorative pieces that pay homage to the Irish Flag.

The ‘Centenary’ collection features rushes of green, white and orange swirling through each of the handcrafted pieces. The flag is a symbol of lasting peace throughout Ireland, where the green represents the Gaelic tradition, the orange signifies the Irish followers of William of Orange and the white represents an aspiration for a lasting treaty between the two.



The Irish Flag & it's symbolic colours

During the Rising of 1916 the tri-colour was raised above the General Post Office in Dublin and went on to be known as the national flag of Ireland.

The symbolism and the stories behind the Irish Flag really resonate with us and we are thrilled with how beautifully the colours combine in our collection of ‘Centenary’ pieces.

Each piece in the limited edition collection is completely unique and embodies the character and handcrafted-quality that is synonymous with Jerpoint Glass. We hope that these celebration pieces will take a special place in Irish homes across the globe.

Visit our collections page to view the full range of 'Centenary' glassware pieces.