Medieval Vs Modern Glass Blowing

Taking a look at how glass blowing has changed in the last 1500 Years.

As Ireland’s only Medieval Week Celebration approaches and Kilkenny is set to roll back the years to the middle ages, here at Jerpoint we have been pondering the significance of craftsmanship throughout this period of history when everyone relied on their local craftsmen to produce household items like glassware, plates, cooking dishes, chairs, clothes and candles.

Along came the industrial revolution and with the introduction of mass production, new technologies and globalisation these everyday items are now readily available and some are produced quickly and inexpensively in every corner of the globe including China, Thailand and India.

Here at Jerpoint, we individually hand make each piece of glass from our glassblowing studio in Co. Kilkenny, using skills and methods that have hardly changed since Medieval times.

Take a look at our Infographic to discover: How much has changed in 1500 years? 


Watch this video to see how these ancient techniques are still used at Jerpoint Glass:


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