Corporate Awards and Gifts



Picture of a piece in the making


          Jerpoint Glass Studio has a long history of producing and supplying Irish hand-made, original corporate awards and gifts.  

         By Hand Crafting every single piece ourselves we ensure our glass receives the attention needed to create a unique piece that will last a lifetime.

         Before being created our pieces go through a thorough design process between our Designer and Glassblowers to create aesthetically pleasing pieces that will stand the test of time both in terms of durability and style.


“We live through our senses and we instinctively strive to please them.”

Roisin Leadbetter – Designer at Jerpoint Glass - 2020

Make a Statement with an elegant and original Award or Corporate gift glass-blown by Jerpoint Glass.  


Design Selection

  • Choose from a wide variety of designs
  • Including Exclusive pieces available only for Awards and Gifts
  • Design something Special and Unique with our Designer and Glassblowers

Colours Selection

Select a Combination of colours reflecting your brand identity


Get your your Logo, Names, Dates or others Etched on the Piece(s)

Contact us for the full range of pieces available and price list.


corporate award from jerpoint glass


 Club award from jerpoint glass

Some of our clients includes


corporate logos