Delivery & Returns

Year Round Delivery

We can usually dispatch all orders within a couple of days. We guarantee that all orders will be dispatched within 10 working days unless otherwise notified. 

Goods are sent at our risk until signed for by you or by any other person at the address you have given to us.

We will send you a message by email to tell you when we have despatched your order. This email will include tracking information.


Estimated delivery times from date of dispatch and shipping prices are as follow:


2 - 4 days

Flat rate €5 per order (up to 19Kg)



5 - 10 days (allowing for customs)

€10 for up to 19Kg



7 - 15 days (Allowing for customs) 

0.01kg–4.1kg €12.00
4.2kg–7.1kg €15.00
7.2kg–9.1kg €17.00
9.2kg–11.1kg €20.00
11.2kg–12.1kg €25.00



5 - 10 days

Shipping costs vary from one country to another but expect between €15 - €20 for a typical order.



Rest of the World

7 - 25 days (allowing for customs)

Shipping costs vary greatly from a country to another one. 




All our parcels going to the UK now have to go through the UK Customs checks. We are doing everything we can to get our orders to go through the customs as quickly and seamlessly as possibly but due to the general backlogs at customs and the current Covid-19 situation, some orders can be delayed.

Please note that one of the UK customs requirements is to provide a commercial invoice, therefore we are unable to send an order with a "Gift Invoice" (no prices displayed) only.

 If your order is above £135 you may be charged UK VAT and custom fees. This is unfortunately out of our hands but we will refund Irish VAT (23%) for orders above that threshold. 


US And Canada 

AnPost ships our orders to the US via the UK and since Brexit the tracking system is heavily disturbed, with tracking stopping in London, Heathrow. 
This is an issue AnPost is working on but out of our control. However, our orders have all been arriving fine.



Delivery times may be disrupted due to unforeseeable circumstances such as weather, pandemics and world events.

To send orders to multiple addresses you must place a separate order for each address. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please check our terms and conditions for more information.