Care Information

For a  lifetime of enjoymet with your Jerpoint Glass, follow these simple care instrucuions.
  1. Wash by hand in lukewarm water. We do not recommend Jerpoint for use in a dishwasher as the water is heated too rapidly which may cause thermal shock. Also dishwasher detergents can be very abrasive and damage your glass over time.
  2. Avoid drip-drying or air-drying as this may leave a residue marks on the glass. For the best results polish your glass with a good-quality linen cloth.
  3. Avoid rapid temperature change as it could cause thermal shock that may lead to a crack in your glass particularly jugs and tankards.
  4. Do not allow candles to burn within 4 cm of the rim of the candleholder to avoid thermal shock.
  5. Always handle with care; a knock can cause a weakness in the glass that shows up as a crack long after an accident occurred.
  6. Refresh the water in you flower vases regularly to avoid residue build up. Do not allow water to stand in the glass for a very long time, as this will also leave a residue mark.
  7. Do not leave paperweights in sunlight as they can concentrate the suns rays like a magnifying glass, which may scorch paper or wood.
  8. We recommend a 40-watt light bulb in your Jerpoint Lamp.