1. Is Jerpoint Glass a crystal glass?

    Yes, Jerpoint Glass is a non-lead crystal. We substitute a special ingredient in our glass recipe for lead so that Jerpoint still has the sparkling brilliants of a crystal without any of the harmful properties. 
  2. Why should I buy handmade glass?

    Each glass that is handmade tells a story, it has a history and a personality of its own. A handmade piece is created with great care and attention and that craftsmanship can be seen in the quality of each piece of glass. When you buy handmade glass you are not only buying a beautiful functional piece you are taking home a piece of the maker too, whose skill and passion has gone into the creation of your glassware. 
  3. What is cracking by thermal shock?

    Thermal shock is caused by rapid temper change; this may be from hot to cold or cold to hot. Some of the glasses are made up of both thick pieces and thin pieces of glass. For example, the jugs are thick at the handle and base and thin throughout the main body of the piece.  When the thin pieces change temperature they expand or contract while the thicker pieces remain the same, this causes friction and it may crack. Another example of thermal shock is when candles are allowed to burn too closely to the rim of the candleholders causing rapid temperature change. 
  4. Why do size and height variations occur in the glass?

    Variations in size happen, simply because Jerpoint is completely made and finished by hand. The glassblowers use their own creative judgement to determine the correct shape of the finished piece. We do not use moulds to mass-produce glass and we do not cut the glass to shape. It is because of these techniques used at Jerpoint that each piece of glass is unique. 
  5. Why do the shades of colour vary in Jerpoint Glass?

    The hot glass is dipped into trays of colour to introduce the colour into the glass as it is measured using the glassblowers’ skill and experience rather than being measured out exactly they may vary slightly. Also, we buy our colour in granulated form; the colour itself is mixed by hand and therefore also varies from one batch to another. The nature of and indeed the beauty of Jerpoint is that each piece is individually handmade.
  6. How do we get the colour into the glass?

    The colour is made from chipped glass, which has had an oxidant added to it. The oxidant reacts with the glass and causes it to become pigmented. For example, greens and aqua glasses usually have iron. Light blues require copper, while amethyst glass contains manganese. Some reds and pinks even have a bit of gold in them! The glassblower dips the gather of hot glass into a tray of colour once it is added to the glass it fuses together and creates the distinctive Jerpoint colours.  
  7. What is the mark found on the bottom of the glasses?

    The mark on the bottom of the glass is known as the pontil mark. Jerpoint Glass is made and finished by hand and as a result has a very soft and durable rim. During the glass making process the cup part of the glass is closed and attached to the blowing iron. In order to open the cup we transfer the glass onto a second iron, the pontil iron, at the base. The glass is then reheated and open out at the rim. The pontil leaves a mark under the glass where it has been attached. The Pontil-mark is the hallmark of a truly handmade glass. 
  8. Why are there bubbles in the glass?

    Bubbles appear in the glass because it is blown glass. The shapes are formed literally with the craftsmen’s breath. Bubbles are part of the charm of a hand-blown piece and add character to each glass. 
  9. What are seconds?

    Seconds are pieces that may have some imperfections in them; they may be off center or have a heavy tool mark. At Jerpoint we grade all of our glassware into firsts and seconds. Seconds are reduced by about 25% and although they may have a slight flaw you can still expect the same great Jerpoint quality. 
  10. What is glass made of? 

    There are many recipes for making glass. The Jerpoint Glass recipe has thirteen ingredients approximately 50% of which is silica sand. Other ingredients include potash, lime and borax.
  11. How hot is the furnace?

    The furnace runs at 1430 degrees Celsius when melting and 1170 degrees Celsius when glassmaking. If the furnace cools down too much the glass will start to solidify so at Jerpoint Glass the furnace is never switched off! 
  12. Do you train the glassblowers yourselves?

    Yes! It takes between five and seven years to become an accomplished master glassblower. Although you could never say that a glassblower was fully trained as glassblowing is constantly changing and developing! 
  13. Is Jerpoint Glass dishwasher proof? 

    We do not recommend Jerpoint for use in a dishwasher. Jerpoint should only be washed by hand in lukewarm water and dried with a linen cloth for best results. Dishwashers wash at very high temperatures that can cause thermal shock and crack the glass also dishwasher detergents can be very abrasive and cause damage over long term use.
  14. How do I care for my Jerpoint Glass?

    For a  lifetime of enjoymet with your Jerpoint Glass, follow these simple care instrucuions. Wash by hand in lukewarm water. We do not recommend Jerpoint for use in a dishwasher as the water is heated too rapidly which may cause thermal shock. Also dishwasher detergents can be very abrasive and damage your glass over time. Avoid drip-drying or air-drying as this may leave a residue marks on the glass. For the best results polish your glass with a good-quality linen cloth.Avoid rapid temperature change as it could cause thermal shock that may lead to a crack in your glass particularly jugs and tankards.Do not allow candles to burn within 4 cm of the rim of the candleholder to avoid thermal shock. Always handle with care; a knock can cause a weakness in the glass that shows up as a crack long after an accident occurred.Refresh the water in you flower vases regularly to avoid residue build up. Do not allow water to stand in the glass for a very long time, as this will also leave a residue mark. Do not leave paperweights in sunlight as they can concentrate the suns rays like a magnifying glass, which may scorch paper or wood.We recommend a 40-watt light bulb in your Jerpoint Lamp.
  23. What colour is Jerpoint Glass available in?

    We have developed our own unique colour palette at Jerpoint Glass. The Jerpoint colours are:
    Poppy a dramatic mixture of black and red
    Berry is a mixture of pink, purple and white
    And finally our favourite, Clear.

  24. Heather matches turquoise and rich amethyst together

  25. Seascape is a combination of green and aqua colours
  26. Festival a burst of multi coloured dots on clear glass
  27. How do I find Jerpoint Glass Studio & Shop?

    Jerpoint Glass Studio is located 14 kilometres from Kilkenny City off the Waterford Rd (N10). There are signposts along the way and we are opposite Mount Juliet Hotel & Golf Complex. 

    Click on the contact us page for a map and directions.
  28. Is Jerpoint Glass made in Ireland?

    Yes. Each piece of Jerpoint Glass is individually made by hand in our glassblowing studio in Stoneyford, Co. Kilkenny. Visitors are welcome to come to the studio and see the skilled glassblowers perform their magic as they transform the molten glass into your Jerpoint pieces. 
  29. Do you have a shop at the Studio?

    Yes. In the stone building adjacent to the studio, you will see the full Jerpoint collection on display in our shop and gallery. You can pick up a bargain from our range of seconds and see carefully chosen work by other artists that we have chosen to compliment your Jerpoint Glass. 
  30. Can I watch the glassblowing when I visit the shop?

    Yes. Visitors are encouraged to watch the glassblowing from our viewing area. A most exciting spectacle! At Jerpoint Glass you will see the skilled glassblowers turn flowing red-hot molten glass into the beautiful Jerpoint shapes, right before your eyes. 
  31. Can I buy on-line?

    Yes! Browse in our online store to find a comprehensive range of our handmade glassware.
  32. Do you ship?

    Yes! We ship internationally? We use An Post courier service for all our national and international shipping. We aim to deliver all goods well within 10 days. Once we receive your order for goods we will confirm the estimated delivery time via email. 
  33. Can I pay by credit card?

    Yes! We accept all major credit cards, VISA, MasterCard Laser, Maestro, and Visa Electron. 
  34. Can I sign up for updates? 
    Yes! Sign up here to our mail list to be amount the first to receive news of our latest news and events.